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We do not recommend GET or CBT, as these approaches have been shown to be harmful or ineffective (respectively). Many patients report significant worsening of illness after forced or coercive regimes of exercise and CBT. The science doesn't support this model of illness, although entrenched attitudes mean it is often the treatment of choice for clinicians.


With changes to the CDC's recommended treatments and a promised update to the NICE ME guidelines here in the UK, better options may eventually become the norm.

Every patient is responsible for their own health and should seek proper medical advice before starting any treatment or medication. Patients have the right to make an informed decision about their own healthcare, and should be able to ask questions and refuse treatments. NHS guidance for other conditions (such as chronic pain and insomnia) might be useful for alleviating certain symptoms.

You should always tell your primary healthcare provider or GP about any and all medications or supplements you are taking. This is because treatment for ME, more than many other illnesses, is a process of trial and error, and many treatments are considered experimental. The side-effects can be worse than the benefits.

You can input any drugs and supplements you are taking into to check for possible interactions.

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